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A peek into the personal life of gay male escorts


gay male escorts

Most times, people view gay male escorts as a bunch of men with a boring life who do nothing other than following men and women around and offer sex when it is required. If you share this notion, it is obvious you have not had any close encounter with any of them outside of their work. Probably, the only knowledge you have about them is the one tied to their work. Outside of their work, these guys have an interesting life like every other individual out there. I have been in the gay male escort industry for about five years now and I will like to give you a peek into my personal life.

What do I do with my spare time?

I don’t have much of spare time but anytime I am given the privilege of ample amount of it, I use it to finger my guitar. I am not a professional but I have become better over the years with constant practice and I hope to one day be good and bold enough to perform on the stage. I also love traveling. I have been to several countries but to me, traveling is not all about going to other countries. You will be surprised to find certain areas in your city that you have never been to. Such places often hold innumerable treasures which are irresistible. Finally, I have a girlfriend and I love to spend time giving her a good massage.

What makes me different from all other gay male escorts?

Well, I think it is my sense of curiosity. While other gay male escorts – and probably everyone else out there – are afraid of the unknown, I crave for them. I see no fun in engaging in things that are predictable. The joy should come from excelling in things that you never think was possible. I think that is what sets me apart from my peers and my success in the industry is tied to this very mindset.

Secondly, I take good care of myself. I don’t joke with my health. I am a registered member of several top notch gym in the city and I don’t compromise on my schedule. I also go for regular checkups with the doctors. Many people wait till they are down with a particular sickness before they visit the doctors. This cost more you know. And it actually takes a longer time to deal with that when it is just budding. A good number of sicknesses don’t present symptoms and without regular checkups, you will only know they are there when you are down.

Again, dieting is very important. The right diet can help you maintain optimum health. I am more into organic foods and I will encourage all gay male escorts out there to think along this line. The processed foods out there are not all healthy. Fast, but not healthy. Take note, the fastest route is not always the profitable route.

Do I have dreams? Fantasies? What are they?

Anyone without dream or fantasies is dead. Believe me, they can do worse than a man with an automated rifle. Like I said earlier, I love the guitar. I dream of becoming a celebrity whom everyone would love to come and listen to play. I am actually thinking of starting a band or joining one. It is still a dream that is in the pipeline. Just keep your fingers crossed. I believe in the saying that once there is a will, there is a way. So, I believe I will get there. It is just a matter of time.

Fantasies? I sometimes imagine myself sitting on the beach, surrounded by close friends and strangers listening to them share their life and feeling. There is always something to learn from someone out there and if you are in a form of crisis, and you listen to someone talk about their life struggles and it is sort of similar to yours, you draw strength from their stories.

What is the most important thing people should know about me?

The most important thing about me is that I am free-minded and I love to have fun. I am friendly and the kind of person you will easily fall in love with gay male escorts .