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Brussels Best Art House Movie Theatres


Brussels Best Art House Movie Theatres

At one time, most towns would have had their own movie theatres but as the classic 35mm film was replaced with new digital HD formats and their expensive digital projectors, the art house movie theatre began to die. The good news is that if you are a fan then there are still a number of places to visit in Brussels for this kind of classic movie-going.


Vendome is the best alternative to mainstream multiplex cinemas in the city and has five viewing rooms and a wide variety of programs on offer. It has been in operation since 1952 and remains a family run business. It is known for a program of boundary-pushing high-quality films alongside the popular blockbusters and classic movies. It also takes part in a number of society-minded film festivals during the year including the AlimenTerre festival and the Cine-club des Libertes.

Cinema Nova

Cinema Nova has been operated as a non-profit cinema for two decades and is staffed mostly by volunteers. The aim of the cinema is to get the best indie films with small or no distributors at all and very little commercial potential. This means you can visit it to see the kind of movies you just won’t get to see at the local big screen.

The cinema organises programming by monthly themes or presents revues of work from different countries or genres. There are also plenty of special events such as festivals, director talks and multimedia art exhibitions so it is a lot more than just somewhere to sit and watch a movie. It may not be the most comfortable cinema you will visit but it is certainly one of the most interesting.

Cinema Adventure

If you want to watch one of those long films that require the most comfortable seats possible, then Cinema Adventure boasts the most comfortable seats in the whole of Brussels. Located within the Galeries de Centre, it has just two screens but has the plushest, most comfortable seats you can imagine so you can relax and enjoy those three-hour marathon films that you couldn’t image managing in regular cinema seats.


Locals refer to Cinematek as the classiest cinema in the city and have a library of more than 70,000 film titles from silent through to HD from fiction to documentaries. The aim of the cinema is to allow visitors to learn about the history of cinema as well as enjoy a movie and it is a great place to stop off at with a high class companion when you are sight seeing or going for a bite to eat.

Actor’s Studio

This cinema is ideally located on Rue de Boucher and is a spot perfectly combined with a visit to one of the quality seafood restaurants on the street. This is a cosy, independent cinema that offers a combination of mainstream films that premiered just after the multiplex releases and also art house films and independent offerings so there is something for all tastes.

Cinema Styx

Cinema Styx is for the dedicated art house film fan and is the kind of place that would once have been in every town and city. It is the kind of cinema you pop into when you have a couple of hours free and discover a film you may not have gone to a multiplex to see. There is a big focus on indie films but also late release mainstream offerings.

Cinema Galeries

There was much horror in Brussels when the Cinema Arenberg closed in 2012 but it was bought and reopened as Cinema Galeries and there is a positive local reaction to the new business. It has retained the stunning sweeping staircase built in the 1930s while adding state of the art technology to offer art house cinema with the best of HD films.