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Covering Your Tracks when searching for Manchester Escorts


Have you ever wondered about the digital footprints you leave when you browse the web? The people who can see where you visited, and the search words used. I expect you know about clearing your browser history, clearing the browser cache and cookies. What does this do, and is it enough? It all depends on who hiding from.

Clearing the history, cache and cookies only protects you from a cursory glance by someone else who has access to your device. They won’t see the autofill’s appearing for your favourite Manchester Escort site as they type something into the address bar.

If they really want to see what you have been browsing, they can go to the cache files. These are files which contain previous copies of web pages, images and other resources which makes accessing a website faster. I hear you say that you deleted these. Deleting these files only means the names of the files have been removed from the cache directory. The actual contents of these files are still available on the disk as free space. It is only a case of putting them all together again to make them accessible. That is very easy to do with free downable forensic programs which look for deleted files and recreate them again.

What other Actors are spying on your browsing

So, who else can see which escorts you are looking at and searching for? Your ISP, the Government, Google, the coffee shop.

When you search for Manchester Escorts using Google, who can see who you are searching for. Probably only Google, so long as you are using the HTTPS connection. The keywords you search on will be encrypted by the browser, and decrypted by Google, so no one in between should be able to see what you are searching for.  Google will know, and it does store these search requests, I can see mine going back years. Make sure you are not logged into your google account when searching and preferably destroy all cookies.  Of course, Google will still guess at who you are, the same IP address, the same browser and computer profile. These searches won’t be stored in your Google profile, but could affect how search results are presented to you.

The ISP logging your escort website access

Having found the escort site I am interested in, I then go and visit it. Now everyone knows your interest. First the site DNS lookup will be made, unencrypted. Anyone listening to the traffic from your computer, the ISP will see which website you are looking for.  You now connect to that website, and again they can see the traffic from you to the website. If you are using HTTPS, then they won’t be able to see what you are posting or your passwords. They will know from the metadata, (connection time, the DNS lookup, IP address) which sites you are accessing. Most major ISPS must keep logs of sites you are visiting. This information is freely available to the security services to interrogate.

There could be other actors snooping on your traffic. If you use someone else’s internet connection, they could be spying on you. At work you can be pretty sure logs are being kept on your web browsing, often with blocks which stop you from viewing certain websites, notably gambling and porn sites.  Using public WIFI connections can also be dangerous, they not only may be spying on your communications, they could also be intercepting, modifying or replacing the legitimate website you are trying to visit. It could be possible they replace the whole of a banking website to steal your credentials, and your money.Public open wifi sites can also be infiltrated by other users who can capture the data being sent between you and the router.

My next post will explain what you can do about minimising access to my website access.