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Should I use a VPN to browse for Liverpool escorts or any escort


I was explaining before about who can look at your website access, and who can also control your web browsing. At present in the UK it is not illegal to browse for Liverpool Escorts, or watch online pornography. There though is still the stigma of being caught, or having people checking on which sites you are visiting. There is also the irritation of finding sites you want to visit have been blocked by the ISP or rules imposed by the coffee shop or workplace.  This is going to become more prevalent in 2018 when the government places porn sites onto a block list because they have not implemented age verification.  This will probably inadvertently catch many non-porn sites, maybe some escort sites.  The same technology will spread to stop us viewing all kinds of sites.

So, you want to reduce the possibility of someone discovering your passion for pornography or booking Liverpool Escorts, then consider a VPN for web-browsing. The VPN should encrypt all your internet access between your computer and the remote VPN box. All the internet traffic must be routed through the VPN, including the DNS lookups.  DNS lookup leakage which bypasses the VPN would let others spying on you know which sites you visit. It is also oneway to block access to a website by poisoning the DNS lookup.So,if the VPN is correctly configured, the ISP, and the spook will see the encrypted traffic to the VPN. They will not have access to this data to the VPN.  The spy won’t directly know who is making these requests. Now of course you should choose a VPN in another country, preferably a country which has better privacy laws than the UK.  This making it harder for spooks to monitor. Using another country will also bypass the blocks the British Government put on access to websites.

VPN logs when browsing for Liverpool Escorts

Also consider the VPN logs, these can be acquired by Law Enforcement and could point a finger at you.  Some VPN companies state they don’t produce logs, so these logs cannot be subpoenaed.  Beware though, it could be that have been forced to keep a log, but have been gagged from admitting to logging.  You alsomust trust your VPN operator, they could be spying on you and stealing your data.

The TOR browser

Those of you wanting to be sure no one is spying on your Liverpool escort delectation, should consider using the TOR web browser. This can be a standalone install on a memory stick. It uses a modified version of Firefox. Plug the stick into any PC, and run the program. All requests from the browser are encrypted and routed through to a random entry server of the TOR network. This server connects to another TOR server, and encrypts the traffic again. The next server than routes the traffic elsewhere, this goes on until the traffic is routed to the exit server and onto the target website. This makes it very difficult for a spook to follow the traffic and makes your browsing very anonymous.  The coffee shop, the ISP, the spook will have little access to what you are viewing.  Spooks may see the data coming out of the exit server, but won’t know where the originating traffic came from.  There will be no cache or web history on your PC, because you have been using a standalone installation of the TOR browser on a memory stick.

The downside of the TOR browser is it is slower, because of the routing of connection and the load on servers and connections, so not the best service for watching streaming videos.

Also be aware that the target site you are accessing should be using HTTPS. This stops the spy monitoring the exit server for unencrypted data which could identify you.